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I haven't posted to LJ for quite some time and I apologise to my loyal fans. My last post was about tea... not exactly "gripping stuff", yet apparently interesting enough to draw comments. The post before that was about the antipation about the Durban 27Dinner. That was a blast and inspired me to write this on my Drupal-based blog. I hope to see some Durban LJers at the next 27Dinner, in September. Maybe we'll get to have that coffee yet, MageP? ;-) The week of the Dinner was quite hectic with orchestra rehearsals taking up a lot of my time. We pulled off a successful concert at local girls' school and we've just started rehearsing new repertoire which will probably include Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony (1st mov) and hopefully Night on Bare Mountain.

Other than that, things are quietening down. I decided to make this public holiday (9th Aug, National Women's Day in South Africa) into a long weekend by putting in leave for tomorrow. I wasn't as opportunistic during April and ended up being one of the few people in my section of the department. Today's public holiday was taken up largely by a wind band rehearsal, and tomorrow I'm running some errands and going to a wind band concert in Pietermaritzburg, so my "long weekend" is a bit stuffed anyhow :-/

After rehearsal today I had coffee with $tubaplayer at the Royal Hotel coffee shop. I had gone there on a whim with another friend this past Sunday and quite liked it. The prices are reasonable for such an establishment - about comparable to Mugg & Bean in fact - and I just liked the look of it. They even offer sugar cubes! (see picture below) The fancy coffees go for about R11, and the meals at R30-R40. If you think that's too steep, you can get exactly the same coffee from the take away place in the hotel foyer for about half the price... The experience is not quite the same though - if you're in the vicinity you should go give it a try.

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